About AssetNet

AssetNet is a project tool that sits between EPC, Client and suppliers to manage, collect and review the tags and asset data required for maintenance.

The system specialises in collecting Equipment data, Spare Parts data, Hazardous Area data as well as key lists for vessels, hoses, flanges, pressure equipment and more.

We have an office in Australia, Asia and coming soon the Middle East. Being in the cloud means you can access the system from any location.

AssetNet provides a single system for managing tags and vendor data. This means we can move vendors away from submitting data in excel and documents.

AssetNet will spend time with you to understand your needs and how they translate into our system, including:

  • Assisting you to define the data management strategy to your specifications
  • How to customize the requirements for your project within the system
  • How to deploy to the hundreds of Vendors globally
  • How to manage and monitor Vendor deliverables in real time
  • The review, consolidate and approval workflow of data
  • Work within industry standards such as ISO15926 and ISO14224
  • How to export the data for further CMMS maintenance enrichment
  • How to produce your Vendor Data completeness reports

New Projects

Operators and EPC Contractors have become much more aware of the benefits on properly managing vendor data on projects. The Digital Asset is now of immense value.

The earlier AssetNet is engaged onto a project, the greater the cost/time efficiencies we can bring by setting you on a route for success.

It’s imperative that the Asset Data collection requirements are written into the EPC tender documentation and specifications. AssetNet has comprehensive documentation to assist you in this regard.

AssetNet will provide a deployment program to get the Engineers and Vendors trained and underway quickly within the system.

Brownfield expansion Projects

AssetNet can easily be used to upload data sets on existing plants for your brownfield expansion projects.

Cloud Collaboration

EPC contractors have to manage huge amounts of vendor data and carry the risk if it’s not delivered. Successful project teams are those that deploy easy to use systems like AssetNet to achieve a comprehensive data handover.

Projects typically collect data from a number of sources making it hard to maintain a single source of truth. AssetNet offers a way to bring together the vendor data so you can monitor progress from the one interface.

From controlled password access to high levels of physical security, we help customers meet their IT compliance requirements and keep their data safe.

When we think about the cloud

What makes it incredibly powerful for organizations is that it breaks down walls. The cloud makes it possible to quickly get people in different departments, geographies, and even organizations collaborating together using a range of cloud-based tools to achieve business goals. When the cloud is viewed not as a solution, but as an enabler of multiple business agility improvements, and a foundation for the principles of FAST Leadership (focus, accountability, simplicity and transparency), we can finally begin competing at cloud speed.

Competing at cloud speed will help improve the velocity of:

  1. Information flow inside and outside the organization
  2. Decision making and commitment
  3. Infrastructure and IT resources
  4. Review, validation and approval times

Competing at cloud speed means putting systems in place that quickly captures data from the vendor and broadcasts it widely into the Client organization, it means putting the processes and decision-making tools in place at a far cheaper cost than an internally hosted system. Turnaround times are faster, processes are already established and the ease of use on the many users globally can’t be underestimated.

AssetNet hosts hundreds of participants from many global locations on our project platform providing millions of pieces of critical data. It’s only with the use of a secure cloud environment can we achieve true collaboration and efficiency for our customers.

Our Solution

Online data collection platform

Cloud based, configurable and easy to deploy A faster and better way to save a large amount of time and money on projects.


Master data collection templates are customisable to each project and can be configured even more accurately down to Vendor Package level: only ask for the information you need therefore also reducing the burden on Vendors.


Here, data such as a Tag Lists, Cable Schedules, Piping Line Lists or an INtools extract can be imported into our project templates for loading into AssetNet. You can also export a data set at anytime

Data Review

Asset Data is automatically distributed via a workflow matrix to responsible engineers for review comment, colour coding, consolidation and final approval.


Your Validation team can apply comments and colour coding to ensure the vendor has a complete visual and verbal understanding of how complete and accurate the quantity of their data is.


A customised reporting dashboard tracks progress by package and produces reports on completeness, correctness and real time progress of Asset Data.


As vendor data is submitted then validated it can be exported and handed over for other systems and teams to go to work on the maintenance build.

Partnership in Collaboration

The AssetNet network connects with engineering, project management, construction and vendors within a single web based cloud platform, the result is efficient project collaboration.

If you are an established provider of technology and value added solutions in the construction and engineering industries, consider becoming a Sales Partner. The AssetNet platform will allow you to extend the range and value of technology and services you provide to your clients, opening up new revenue opportunities for your organization.

AssetNet is always looking for ways to work with other industry solutions. This helps clients to move from one system to another as the data moves through its lifecycle.

AssetNet recommends Matrix Plus for your asset integrity, maintenance and RBI Inspection management as well as reporting and analysis. We provide users with superb productivity, speed and power connecting seamlessly with the major CMMS systems.

Key elements of Matrix Plus include:

  • 'Asset Integrity Management System’. MatrixPlus stores, validates, analyses and manages all your important equipment and maintenance data and inspection results.
  • MatrixPlus gives you a complete maintenance and inspection data management package that you develop as and when needed to give you the best tailored system for your needs.
  • MatrixPlus redefines asset integrity management software and allows you to run the Windows environment and enjoy all the ease of use and productivity benefits that Windows provides.
  • MatrixPlus maintenance content management solution provides access to all project history and content and facilitates sharing of critical information between engineering and operations. Reliability-centred maintenance helps you increase production and minimize shutdowns.
  • The MatrixPlus RBI module allows RBI analysis, process variables and materials of construction are considered to identify the type of damage that can lead to failure, the frequency of inspections that should take place, and appropriate and cost-effective inspection techniques.
  • Engineering time is valuable and can be wasted going through hundreds of inspection results. MatrixPlus does it for you, producing anomaly reports or analyses created from your own data searches.
  • MatrixPlus is flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate all CMMS requirements and can implement maintenance builds which are fully compatible with most propriety maintenance software providers for example Maximo, JD Edwards and SAP.

Information Security

Information security is a priority as large projects become more complex and teams become more geographically dispersed.

Key elements of AssetNet information security include:

  • Data centres compliant with TIA942 Tier III standards for redundancy
  • Flexible access permission controls by project, by company and by an individual vendor
  • Working within ISO27001 certification, the highest global standard for information security management
  • Data facilities in major geographic regions, redundancy can be locally and internationally dispersed
  • Access permissions and passwords are strictly controlled for all users
  • The project administrator has control of what information is shared with other organizations on a project
  • Performance and reliability monitoring for around-the-clock visibility of issues, risks and threats to ensure data protection.
  • Advanced authentication for secure user identity validation

Our Functionality

Integrated workflows to review, consolidate, approve, comment and colour coding of vendor submissions.

Manage multiple projects and packages within one platform. Vendor deliverables become more manageable, no need for spreadsheets and multiple databases

All vendors packages interface with the project administrator. You have complete control over vendors, workflows and can view all users data.

- Ensure quality processes are maintained and project information is safe and secure on the AssetNet platform.

Real time reporting on vendor and data submissions. Produce completeness reports by package to track progress.

Collaboration that works for complex projects

One shared platform

Fit for purpose cloud software that spans countries and time zones. Ideal for your many hundreds of Vendors located globally.

Project-wide workflows

AssetNet parallel workflows give you control of review, consolidation, validation and comments tracking.

Local expertise

Deploy quickly with help from the AssetNet team using project specific templates that are customised for a project and available at any Vendor location anywhere in the world.

Reduce your data timelines

Projects will shorten their data review times and close out vendor submissions much more quickly by using AssetNet.

Reduce Submission and review timelines

Don’t wait weeks for spreadsheets to come through the document control process. Projects instantly receive data when submitted allowing for a much faster validation to use the data now.

Operations and maintenance

Reliability and Maintenance teams need to access data as soon as possible to start enrichment programs, AssetNet can report and export data sets easily.


AssetNet uses multi layered security that complies with the highest standards for the most up-to-date deterrence threats to the system.

Work in your own way

AssetNet is accessed over the web via PC and has integration with notifications into MS Outlook so project personnel can be notified of a pending work item.

Support programs

Ensure project-wide adoption with training and support for the client, vendors and contractors on the project.

Get started quickly

Invite contractors and vendors to get started via a system notification. The system will be controlled by your project administrator.

Upload templates

Add external systems data. Enter your line lists, cable schedules, equipment tag lists and vendor data into the AssetNet template for upload into the system.

Onboard reporting

Dashboard and customizable reporting is available to show progress of packages by colour code, cell counts and percentage complete.

Audit Trails

Each submission along with all comments are captured within a revion controlled audit trail along with permanent copies of data files. Manage disputes with a complete data file record that is safeguarded by a third party.

We get results

Our customers found that AssetNet greatly improved their control over management of change, repeatable processes, turn around times and workflow management of Asset Data submissions.