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Contact us at info@assetnet.com and provide us with as much information as possible including: the project type & scope, your location and project timeline to have a consultant contact you for a business proposal.

General Questions

Yes AssetNet is a secure cloud based system. Data is hosted in a secure data warehouse facility backed up with multiple redundancy in place. A tech spec sheet from our hosting provider is available for your IT department.

There are no software downloads or internal configuration required, AssetNet lives entirely within a secured cloud environment and all configuration is done online. We do however recommend Google Chrome as a prefered browser.

Password and access is controlled by you're project system administrator, no other project member has access.

Customisable reporting is available on a number of combinations to build data sets.

Projects can choose from our master templates and build package templates as required. There is always a setup and configuration time plus labour period to consider. Each project will have its own seperate document and user base.

AssetNet will export data by package where required, in most instances clients prefer an export into excel.

AssetNet offers training & support via web stream or in person group training in the Company premises. Site based training is available and may attract an additional cost depending on the location and logistics required.

Yes, AssetNet can provide Information Management personnel to assist where the client does not have internal expertise available.

Yes AssetNet can replicate a full dataset onto a company server.

This depends on the size of the project, the maturity of the client's documentation and processes and personnel provided. Setup needs to take into consideration the maturity of the class library, templates configuration, amount of vendor packages and client resources available. Vendor training is ongoing and will begin after deployment

AssetNet charges a setup fee based on the configuration, size and time required for the initial setup. Typically a Monthly user fee over the project construction life is the most popular model employed by many projects.

AssetNet charges the setup fee up front. We then charge an ongoing user based Monthly fee for the life of the contract.

Yes, AssetNet has a corporate pricing structure where we become an integrated system customised to your company. You can then deploy many projects and users under a reduced fee.

Yes AssetNet provides an audit trail of activity including revisions, user reviews, user markups and user comments.

AssetNet offers unlimited storage of data on projects under our hosting fee, if a client requires a final project archive this attracts a fee.